[tex-eplain] hypertext options

Frampton, John j.frampton at northeastern.edu
Sat Mar 6 15:52:07 CET 2021

I have used eplain, pstricks, and dvips happily for years.  I use PSTricks heavily.  For finished documents I use ps2pdf.  When I have needed hyperlinks I have used dvips with the -z option and then ps2pdf.

Now I need more flexibility if formatting hyperlinks so that I can have hyperlinks show up as colored text rather than boxed text.  I  can color the text with no problem using pstricks color support.

As is well-known, dvips has very limited hypertext support.  Is there a newer driver that will let me use eplain’s \hlopts{bwidth=0} that will work with PSTricks specials.

Any other ideas?

Thanks, John Frampton

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