[tex-eplain] Eplain 3.0 announcement

Stepan Kasal kasal at ucw.cz
Fri Sep 23 12:32:54 CEST 2005


> > I thought that someone might have another default paper size...

that can happen only if the user has modified texinfo.tex .

But there is a bigger problem: we might have some small change in spacing
in texinfo.tex.

Karl has convinced me that we could distribute the indexes.  But the above
argument has made me to change my mind again: it's safer and more "standard"
not to distribute them.

Perhaps the end of eplain.texi could contain some @tex ... at end tex code,
which would issue a message: "To get the indexes, you need to run the texindex
program, which is part of the texinfo package and then re-run TeX.
The most convenient way to do it is to use the texi2dvi, also from texinfo.
Alternatively, you can download precompiled manuals from http://..."

The message would display during the first compilation with texi2dvi, too.
But then it will scroll away.
After "tex eplain.texi" this message will remain on the screen.  (Well,
textures probably are not cmd-line based, so this message will be only near
the end of the log.)

Have a nice day,

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