[tex-eplain] Homepage has wrong pointer..

Dorai Sitaram ds26@gte.com
Fri, 2 Feb 2001 10:07:11 -0500 (EST)

> Had some computer problems but I am back on the list
> There is a hompepage for eplain which offers a pointer to this list. It generates a message to majordomo@tug.org. This bounces because tug.org doesn't use the majordomo mailinglist software. I spent some time chasing my tail on htis issue. Either the site should be corrected or if it is no longer maintained perhaps it should be taken down.
> The eplain site I found was at:
> http://www.cs.rice.edu/~dorai/eplain/index.html
> I could not determine the email address of the sponsor, else I would have writtten him directly.
> Please visit http://wexfordpress.com
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> Personal page is http://wexfordpress.com/john.html
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> tex-eplain mailing list
> tex-eplain@tug.org
> http://tug.org/mailman/listinfo/tex-eplain

Thank you John.

It looks like the archiving of tex-eplain@tug.org is
broken, although we can continue to send/get
email from this address.  I've sent a message to Denis
Girou (mentioned on the tug.org lwgate as the contact)
to see what's wrong.   

I've recently put eplain 2.8.1 on CTAN.  I am also
aware from messages on comp.text.tex by John Culleton
and Robin Fairbairns that the situation is
unacceptable.  If a quorum (of sorts) here agrees that
http://www.cs.rice.edu/~dorai/eplain should to be taken
down and has a transfer plan, I will comply with
good cheer.  

Since eplain 2.8.1 is safely on CTAN now, I guess all I
need to do is erase all the eplain-related files from
my website.  In case transitional help is needed, I
will email in detail with whoever wants to take

My address is ds26@gte.com, if the tex-eplain@tug.org
the address should also conk out. 


(Dorai Sitaram)