[tug-summer-of-code] JavaDict and KanjiPad links

Arthur Reutenauer arthur.reutenauer at normalesup.org
Mon Feb 16 01:49:17 CET 2009

>                                                                     I have 
> simply applied due diligence in researching the project, which is something 
> I would expect of anyone who plays a leading (or mentoring) role in UG's 
> contribution to GSOC.

  Yes, and I thank you for that.  However, we will still need to find a
mentor in the end, and he might have his own ideas about the subject, we
can't just impose ours on him.

  Anyway, I hope we can find one.

> Last year I was a GSOC mentor - and now have the T-shirt to prove it.  I 
> would in principle be willing to mentor again.

  Is there some particular project that you would like to mentor?


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