[pstricks] pst-circ: Intensity label don't accept changing font size

Julien Morand julienmorand2 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 22 14:22:21 CET 2014

> Am 21.03.2014 20:21, schrieb Julien Morand:
> > I'm currently making a electrical circuit using the pst-circ package.
> > Since the circuit is pretty big, i would like to change the size of the
> > intensitylabel in capacitor. I'm using the math mode for my label
> > because i need to put index. First, i have try to put \large before the
> > $ sign of the math mode. It worked but also added my label in the middle
> > of the picture. Here is the code:
> What you see is correct, your C is a subscript and set in the mathstyle
> scriptstyle. However, you can use the command \textsubscript:
> \documentclass[pstricks]{standalone}
> \usepackage{fixltx2e}
> \usepackage{pst-circ}
> \let\SB\textsubscript
> \begin{document}
> \begin{pspicture}(-12.5,-8.8)(32.2,9)
> \psset{intensitycolor=red,intensitylabelcolor=red,tensioncolor=blue,tensionlabelcolor=blue,
> intensitywidth=3pt,tensionwidth=4pt}
> \capacitor[labeloffset=-1,intensity,intensitylabel=\Huge
> i\SB{C\SB{i}}](-10,8)(-10,-8){C\SB{i}}
> \end{pspicture}
> \end{document}
> Herbert
Thank you Herbert
You're right the label is correct but there is the text from the label on
the right of the component that has been added (see my attached file). I
don't have this problem when I don't add a font size like \huge or \large
in the intensitylabel.
For instance if i put intensitylabel=$C_i$ it's OK i don't have the added
text outside the component. But if I put  intensitylabel=\huge$C_i$, the
added text is here (like in the attached file).
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