[pstricks] pst-circ: Intensity label don't accept changing font size

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at FU-Berlin.DE
Sat Mar 22 22:29:26 CET 2014

Am 22.03.2014 14:22, schrieb Julien Morand:
> You're right the label is correct but there is the text from the label
> on the right of the component that has been added (see my attached
> file). I don't have this problem when I don't add a font size like \huge
> or \large in the intensitylabel.
> For instance if i put intensitylabel=$C_i$ it's OK i don't have the
> added text outside the component. But if I put
>   intensitylabel=\huge$C_i$, the added text is here (like in the
> attached file).

I see, a real problem. Sorry, but it will be unfixed in the next
future ...


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