[pstricks] Feature request and suggestion

Jean-Côme Charpentier jean-come.charpentier at wanadoo.fr
Sun Feb 16 15:34:24 CET 2014

Le 16/02/2014 13:47, Donut E. Knot a écrit :
> Dear folks,
> I have 3 ideas, probably they are good for us.
> 1. In this decade computers with good performance become cheaper and
> cheaper, so I think enabling \SpecialCoor by default will not be an
> issue. It will not break compatibility as well. What do you think?

   It will break compatibility and it will be horrible for me (and some 
other people). Please Herbert, don't change that! :-)
   If you change this behaviour, I have to recode all my files which use 
PostScript expression... and I will be not very happy.

> 2. Why doesn't pstricks.sty load indispensable multido by default?

   It is not as indispensable as you think but your question is more 
acceptable that the first one. Do you know about pst-all? It loads 
multido (amongs other pstricks packages).

> 3. \psrline should be moved to pstricks.sty.

   I don't know what decide Herbert to move something from pstricks-add 
to pstricks (.tex, not .sty) but it's not a good idea to move things too 
quickly. Remember that people haven't the last package version and then 
could have compatibility problems.

> 4. !!CP should be deprecated because the syntax with two exclamation
> marks is a bit inconsistent and abnormal.  I suggest the following.
> \makeatletter
> \pstVerb
> {
> /CPxy {CP \tx at UserCoor} def
> /CPx {CPxy pop} def
> /CPy {CPxy exch pop} def
> }
> \makeatother

   I don't know the syntax !!CP. What's that?

> Thank you for your consideration and I am sorry if my suggestion sounds
> offensive.

   I don't think there is something offensive here.

   Jean-Côme Charpentier

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