[pstricks] Feature request and suggestion

Donut E. Knot the.counterterrorist at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 16 13:47:39 CET 2014

Dear folks,

I have 3 ideas, probably they are good for us.

1. In this decade computers  with good performance become cheaper and cheaper, so I think enabling \SpecialCoor by default will not be an issue. It will not break compatibility as well. What do you think?

2. Why doesn't pstricks.sty load indispensable multido by default?

3. \psrline should be moved to pstricks.sty.

4. !!CP should be deprecated because the syntax with two exclamation marks is a bit inconsistent and abnormal.  I suggest the following.

/CPxy {CP \tx at UserCoor} def
/CPx {CPxy pop} def
/CPy {CPxy exch pop} def

Thank you for your consideration and I am sorry if my suggestion sounds offensive.

Best regards,

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