[pstricks] problem with aeb_pro (pdf animation)

Juergen Gilg gilg at acrotex.net
Wed Mar 21 00:22:34 CET 2012

Dear Carlo,
> I am not able! with all your suggests, I obtain a .pdf file in wich I 
> have no animation, or all frames of the animation itself, like 
> attachment...
i see the log file now is a DISTILLER log file -- so you seemed to have 
had no problems with the latex run and dvips and distiller!!!

Next step is done!!!

Now open your Acrobat and do the shortcut Ctrl+J (this is the shortcut 
for WINDOWS, look up for the adequate shortcut for a MAC) to open the 
"JAVASCRIPT DEBUGGER" -- if this shortcut works, a new window will open. 
Now copy and paste the following line into the last line within the JS 


If you pasted the above line do an ENTER on your NUMERIC KEYPAD -- Not 
the ENTER on your KEYBOARD. Then will appear the path to the JavaScripts 
folder within Acrobat -- on my system it is:


Into the similar folder on your system, copy the following files:

(1) aeb.js -- you will find it in the AcroTeX basic package
(2) aeb_pro.js -- you will find it in the Aeb_pro package

If this is done, you installed the two packages completely.

What you always need to do when using aeb_pro:

When the PDF is produced by distiller you have to do a "save as" of the 
pdf file in Acrobat to assure, that the necessary JavaScripts are SAVED 
WITHIN THE PDF you generated. This can be done automatically in a next step.

Give me a sign, when you copied the two *.js files into the correct 
folder of your Acrobat.

Now when this is done recompile your file to PDF, do a "save as" and 
check if the animation runs.

Maybe you noticed  Alexander Grahn's "animate.sty" package. This is a 
wonderful method to generate PDF animations as the name of the package 
aeb_pro wasn't made for animations at all -- it was a package allowing 
to use OCGs (PDF layers) and a JS made it possible to so generate some 

animate.sty doesn't use OCGs -- it uses form fields which allow 
wonderful frame rates (fast animations).

Comparing the resulting file size of the produced animat2.pdf with the 
two different methods i get:

with animate.sty = 715 kB (no Acrobat needed)
with aeb_pro.sty = 478 kB (Acrobat needed)

It is up to you which method you like to use.

Hope this will help.


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