[pstricks] pst-circ

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at FU-Berlin.DE
Mon Dec 1 20:03:53 CET 2008

Patrice Mégret schrieb:

> I get the same as you but you can see that there are too much corners on the connections emitter and collector.
> As I told in my previous mail, just take a look on page 6 of the v1.49 doc and you will see the same transistor differently drawn.
> Image1.pmg is the transistor drawn with pst-circ v1.47 (it is the correct one) and image2.png is the same drawn with v1.49 last week (which also slightly different from your picture of today: the current labels are not at the same place). Both pictures come from the same code extracted from the pst-cir doc.   

now I see the problem :-)
I defined circedge=\pcangles, but it should be circedge=\pcangle,
the singular type.
You can change it in the pst-circ.tex file in the \psset section
or just use \transistor[circedge=\pcangle,..]..

I'll upload a corrected version


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