[pstricks] Problems with Pdflatex, pstricks and animate- continued

A. Erhardt erhardt at fh-offenburg.de
Tue Nov 18 16:15:17 CET 2008

Hello, Alexander,

I meant "include animations", not animated gifs, sorry.

> or pdfpage packages. Instead, you will have to create them again from
> the original image sequence, be it external graphics files or inline
> defined PSTricks 
Aha, so I cannot input my  testanimate.pdf  file (which contains the graphics) 
into my text.tex document, and run latex->dvips->ps2pdf   but I have to include the original testanimate.tex file 
and then run  latex->dvips->ps2pdf. That also means, I cannot put my testanimate into a floating environment like a 
figure environment, doesn't it?
> It seems to be an ineradicable, perisiting rumor that Beamer cannot be
> used with the latex->dvips->ps2pdf workflow. 
I thought I had read this in the beamer instructions once, but  I might be wrong.

Thank you for your help.


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