[pstricks] Adding user-defined lengths

Herbert Voss herbert49 at googlemail.com
Wed Jul 9 20:51:04 CEST 2008

Daniele Giovannini schrieb:
> I am trying to place some pictures within a pspicture environment. I
> defined two lengths, \figw and \figmar (width of each picture and
> margin between pictures), that I can use to provide X and Y
> coordinates within the environment. Here is an example where I tried
> to place two pictures side by side, separated by \figmar:

\usepackage[demo]{graphicx}% delete option demo

\rput[bl](0, 0){ \includegraphics[width=\figw]{hg01} }
\rput[bl](!\pst at number\figw  \pst at number\figmar add 0){%
   \includegraphics[width=\figw]{hg02} }%



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