[pstricks] Type 3 font

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at FU-Berlin.DE
Sun Mar 23 09:05:50 CET 2008

Vincent McGarry schrieb:

> My publisher noted that a pdf I sent contained a type 3 font. Since I 
> was including only type 1 fonts, I was curious where this was coming 
> from. I finally tracked it down to the command psdots. I've attached the 
> minimal example and the pdf of the example. The document properties of 
> the pdf clearly show the type 3 font. My publisher only wants my files 
> to have type 1 fonts embedded. Is there any way around this other than 
> using pscircle*?

PSTricks doesn't use any Type3 font! The problem is that the publishers
don't know, what a Type3 font means. It doesn't mean that it is a
bitmap font! The correct definition is "not a Type1 font", which
can be a bitmapped font or also a vector font, but not in Type1
notation. PSTricks uses some own created characters, which are
by definition Type3 fonts, but also of a vector character like the one
from a  Type1 font.

For example: you want to crate a square as character, then you
can do it inside PSTricks as \psframe()(). To the Adobe world
it is then a Type3 font, because it doesn't follow the
definitions of a Type1 font. But it is a vector character,
you can scale it just as you like it and it looks always
the same.


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