[pstricks] Type 3 font

Vincent McGarry vmcgarry at austin.rr.com
Sun Mar 23 04:06:34 CET 2008

Replying to my own mail---I see where all of this comes from.  
Apparently, there has been some attempt to define these other than  
through the type 3 font defined in the .pro file, since there are some  
lines commented out in pstricks.tex. My question, however, remains--- 
is there anyway to define the default dot style using a character from  
some other font?

On Mar 22, 2008, at 5:39 PM, Vincent McGarry wrote:
> Herbert,
> My publisher noted that a pdf I sent contained a type 3 font. Since  
> I was including only type 1 fonts, I was curious where this was  
> coming from. I finally tracked it down to the command psdots. I've  
> attached the minimal example and the pdf of the example. The  
> document properties of the pdf clearly show the type 3 font. My  
> publisher only wants my files to have type 1 fonts embedded. Is  
> there any way around this other than using pscircle*?
> Vince McGarry
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> <Test.pdf>
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