[pstricks] Help With Modification of gant.tex

rossi at york.cuny.edu rossi at york.cuny.edu
Mon Jan 14 15:02:18 CET 2008

Dear Herbert:

Could you please help me with the following?

I want to use gant.tex to give me a time line like:

                        2008                              2009
       |     Jan - Feb   |   Mar - Apr  | ...   |  Jan -Feb | ....
Task 1 |
Task 2 |
  '''  |

But I can't do this because the \psk at GanttChartIntervalname is fixed as
Week, Montt, etc., and then incremented as Week 1, Week 2, ....

Can you please show me how to define an array of \psk at GanttChartIntervalname

This would make the gant.tex much more flexible because one can then
dissociate the \psk at GanttChartIntervalname value from the increment.

One needs to modify the following do loop

\multido{\iInterval=1+1,\iIntervalPos=1+\psk at GanttTaskUnitIntervalValue,
\nIntervalPos=\pst at tempa+\psk at GanttTaskUnitIntervalValue.0}{\pst at cnta}{%
    \ifnum\iInterval=\pst at cnta
      \psline[linestyle=dotted](\iIntervalPos,-\pst at cntb)(\iIntervalPos,0)
     \rput(\nIntervalPos,1){\psk at GanttChartUnitIntervalName\space\iInterval}
      \psline[linestyle=dotted](\iIntervalPos,-\pst at cntb)(\iIntervalPos,0)

so that \psk at GanttChartUnitIntervalName is assigned to one value of a
predefined array of labels such as Jan-Feb, Mar-Apr, ...

Can you please help me with this when you have time?

Best regards and Happy New Year!!!!


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