[pstricks] Utility for converting from Graph to PStricks

Martin Chicoine martin.chicoine at umontreal.ca
Tue Jan 8 20:41:05 CET 2008

Graph (http://www.padowan.dk/graph/) is a very easy to use program to create
simple graphs. I have written a small Windows program to convert Graph files
to PStricks code. It is easy to use. First, extract the archive in a
directory. Create a graph with the Graph program and open it in GraphConv.
Click the "Convert" button and the code will appear in the window below. You
can copy the code by clicking the "Copy" button and then directly paste it
in your document. The result can be previewed in a DVI viewer by clicking
the "Preview" button. The PStricks code can be edited directly in the window
and changes can be previewed again by clicking "Preview". The Graph file can
be opened by clicking the "Graph" button.


The preamble used for previews can be edited by clicking the "Preamble"
button. A corresponding Latex format can be built by clicking the "Build
format" button. It can be used to speed up DVI previews. To enable format
use, select the "Use format" option in the main window.


Pre-defined psstyles can be used for psgraph, psplot and psaxes. To used
them, select the corresponding options and type the name of your pre-defined
style. Don't forget to define them in the preamble. The pstricks-add
"VarStep" option can also be used. If you change these options, you have to
click the "Convert" button before changes take place.


Not all Graph features are supported but it should be sufficient for most
uses. Feel free to make suggestions but keep in mind that I don't have much
time to work on this. I can share the Visual C++ source code if someone
wants to improve the program.


French users can get a French interface by setting "Fr" instead of "En" in
the graphconv.ini file.


Martin Chicoine


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