[pstricks] problems drawing block diagram

Herbert Voss LaTeX at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Tue Jan 16 21:09:46 CET 2007

Patrick Pucholt schrieb:
> Only one question left: in the given second example (with offset) the
> ncline does not originate exactly in the vertex of INT-block and is
> not horizontal like it should be. Could this be a problem with
> linewidth? How do I avoid this?
use the lower left as a reference point for \rnode.
Then it is easy to shift the connection line.

    \pspolygon(0,0)(1.4,0)(1.8,.4)(1.4,.8)(0,.8) \rput{0}(.8,.4){INT}
    \psline(.15,.8)(.15,1.2) \uput[0](.15,1.2){\small $0$}
    \psframe(0,0)(1.6,.8) \rput{0}(.8,.4){MUL}
  \nbput[npos=.5]{\sf ws}

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