[pstricks] problems drawing block diagram

Patrick Pucholt Patrick.Pucholt at mailbox.tu-dresden.de
Tue Jan 16 11:58:38 CET 2007


thanks Herbert, your suggestion nearly solved the problem.

Only one question left: in the given second example (with offset) the 
ncline does not originate exactly in the vertex of INT-block and is not 
horizontal like it should be. Could this be a problem with linewidth? 
How do I avoid this?

Thanks a lot

Herbert Voss wrote:
> Patrick Pucholt schrieb:
>> Hello,
>> drawing the attached block diagram I faced some problems
>> 1. There should be dots marking wire connections. How can I calculate
>> such a dot position?
>> 2. I used \rnode to define all my blocks as nodes. Somehow the anchor
>> point for the node connections seems to be the lower left corner of
>> each block so that I have to use alle the ugly offsets
>> Would be great, if somebody could help me with this ... especially
>> with the connection dots.
> you have to put the argument of \rput into another pspicture environment.
> Otherwise you have the no height and width, and it will always be at the
> defined coordinates:
> e.g.:
> \rput(0,0){\pspicture(1.6,0.8)%
>   \rnode{m}{\psframe(0,0)(1.6,.8) \rput{0}(.8,.4){CON}}
>   \psline(.15,.8)(.15,1.2) \uput[0](.15,1.2){\small $m^{-1}$}\endpspicture}
> Herbert
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