[pstricks] Labels on y-axis

Denis Vergès Denis.Verges at wanadoo.fr
Fri Jan 19 15:56:53 CET 2007

This file compile fine :
\psplot{1.265}{1.3}{10 x 2 exp mul} \uput[r](1.3,16.8){10}
\psplot{1.155}{1.3}{12 x 2 exp mul}\uput[r](1.3,20.2){12}
\psplot{1.069}{1.3}{14 x 2 exp mul}\uput[r](1.3,23.6){14}
\psplot{1}{1.3}{16 x 2 exp mul}\uput[r](1.3,27){16}
\psplot{1}{1.3}{18 x 2 exp mul}\uput[r](1.3,30.4){18}
\psplot{1}{1.264}{20 x 2 exp mul}\uput[u](1.27,32){20}
\psplot{1}{1.206}{22 x 2 exp mul}\uput[u](1.2,32){22}
\psplot{1}{1.1545}{24 x 2 exp mul}\uput[u](1.16,32){24}
\psplot{1}{1.1095}{26 x 2 exp mul}\uput[u](1.12,32){26}
\psplot{1}{1.0695}{28 x 2 exp mul}\uput[u](1.07,32){28}
\psplot{1}{1.0325}{30 x 2 exp mul}\uput[u](1.04,32){30}
\uput[d](1.15,15){taille} \uput[l](0.97,24){poids}

..., but on the y-axis there is 0 instead of 22. Il seems that  
PsTricks don't like all the 11-multiple.
Any idea ?

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