[pstricks] pstricks usage in caption environment

na199 at gmx.de na199 at gmx.de
Wed Jun 7 17:39:59 CEST 2006

I would guess, that you should try 


Then, IMHO, you should be able to use within the caption argument whatever you 

If the result is what you desire, is another question. You are trying pstricks 
commands out of their environment (begin{pspicture}...\end{pspicture}}

Henning Heinze

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ahmet nurlu  wrote: 
> \caption{polymer segments \protect\psdot[dotsize=10pt]\quad solvent
molecule \protect\psdot[dotsize=10pt,dotstyle=o]
The first point: you missed the closing curled brace.
Second point: you're not allowed to use [] inside \caption (and
other makros) without 'hiding' them. So you might try the
following [not tested]:
\caption{polymer segments {\protect\psdot[dotsize=10pt]}\quad solvent
molecule {\protect\psdot[dotsize=10pt,dotstyle=o]}}

Perhaps the \protect is not necessary anymore.

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