[pstricks] pstricks usage in caption environment

Goebel, Juergen, OPES26 juergen.goebel at eads.com
Wed Jun 7 15:27:04 CEST 2006

ahmet nurlu  wrote: 
> \caption{polymer segments \protect\psdot[dotsize=10pt]\quad solvent
molecule \protect\psdot[dotsize=10pt,dotstyle=o]
The first point: you missed the closing curled brace.
Second point: you're not allowed to use [] inside \caption (and
other makros) without 'hiding' them. So you might try the
following [not tested]:
\caption{polymer segments {\protect\psdot[dotsize=10pt]}\quad solvent
molecule {\protect\psdot[dotsize=10pt,dotstyle=o]}}

Perhaps the \protect is not necessary anymore.
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