[pstricks] achieving arced zigzags with PSTricks?

Francois-Rene Rideau fare at tunes.org
Thu Nov 15 23:00:09 CET 2001

Dear PSTricks hackers,

I have been trying a variety of tools to make my own diagrams for inclusion
into (La)TeX documents, and found that PSTricks was the only one with the
potential to achieve what I wanted.

Actually, I can already do almost all I want with it, but there's one
additional trick I'd like to add, and since I don't know where to begin
from, I request your advice as to how to code it
(or better, ready-to-use code).

I would like to be able to do curved nczigzag's, much like ncarc allows
me to achieve curved nclines. i.e. have a nczirczarc object that goes
zigzag around an arc rather than around a straight line.
However, I admit I am familiar with neither the TeX internals of pstricks
nor its PostScript internals, and peering at pst-node.tex, pst-node.pro
and pst-coil.pro, I admit I am a bit lost. Can you help me?

Thanks a lot for PSTricks!

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