[pstricks] PSTtoEPS or TEXtoEPS help

Denis Girou Denis.Girou at idris.fr
Sun Nov 4 21:33:04 CET 2001

>>>>> "Bageshri.Sathe" == bageshri sathe <bageshri_s at yahoo.com> writes:

    Bageshri.Sathe> Hi, 
    Bageshri.Sathe> I have some doubt regarding eps export. We can use
    Bageshri.Sathe> either of PSTtoEPS or TEXtoEPS for generating eps
    Bageshri.Sathe> files. But

    Bageshri.Sathe> (1) PSTtoEPS works only for the "pure" graphics
    Bageshri.Sathe> objects.
    Bageshri.Sathe> (2) TEXtoEPS requries that the input TEX file is only
    Bageshri.Sathe> one page long.

    Bageshri.Sathe> What can I do if I want to generate different eps
    Bageshri.Sathe> files (one for each figure) from a single tex file?

    Bageshri.Sathe> Using PSTtoEPS this can be done by specifying
    Bageshri.Sathe> different output file name for each use of the
    Bageshri.Sathe> PSTtoEPS command. But my graphics objects are not
    Bageshri.Sathe> "pure" graphics.

    Bageshri.Sathe> Since threre are multiple figures in my document, use
    Bageshri.Sathe> of TEXtoEPS will always generate a single .eps file,
    Bageshri.Sathe> whereas I want to have a different eps file for
    Bageshri.Sathe> different figures.

    Bageshri.Sathe> Any ideas?

  I do not think that it could exist a general and universal solution,
but for some kind of TeX implementations (as the Web2c based ones) or for
some kinds of environments, it must be possible.

  For Web2c based TeX systems, look at pdfTricks
CTAN/macros/latex/contrib/supported/pdftricks which implement in fact such
things internally, using the ability of these implementations to make system
calls. If you are an (X)Emacs user you can also look at Preview-LaTeX
CTAN/support/preview-latex, which implement in another way the same kind of
requirements (there is no PSTricks support in Preview-LaTeX for the moment,
but it must be possible to have it - I know how to hack sadly the current
version for that, so it must be possible to have a clean support later...)


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