[pstricks] [Programming] Lens

Denis Girou Denis.Girou at idris.fr
Wed Feb 14 19:01:03 CET 2001

>>>>> "Maurice.Diamantini" == Maurice DIAMANTINI <diam at ensta.fr> writes:

    Maurice.Diamantini> 1 - PDF problem with acroread

    Maurice.Diamantini> After compiling the doc, I convert it into pdf (as this
    Maurice.Diamantini>   format is often used for slides)
    Maurice.Diamantini> (...)

    Maurice.Diamantini>     xpdf pst-lens.pdf
    Maurice.Diamantini>     Error: This document uses Type 3 fonts - some text \
    Maurice.Diamantini>         may not be correctly displayed

  This is a (non PSTricks) question very frequently asked on other forms.
The simplest answer is: when using the dvips + ps2pdf route to generate the
PDF file, use the "-Ppdf -G0" switches for dvips. (Maurice Diamantini has not
the config.pdf file on his version of dvips, but on older versions of it the
"-Pwww" switch must be available and will have here the same behavior).

    Maurice.Diamantini> 2 - Another (minor) problem of handel position :

    Maurice.Diamantini>     In the doc bottom of page 5
    Maurice.Diamantini>     The big handel of the last lens seems not to be in the middle
    Maurice.Diamantini>     of the lens. 
    Maurice.Diamantini>     It seems it should be between the lens image and the shadow of 
    Maurice.Diamantini>     the lenz image... but with a bad sign!

  I have not really understood this remark and still wait for more precise
elements and files.


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