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Maurice DIAMANTINI diam at ensta.fr
Wed Feb 7 08:19:51 CET 2001

Denis Girou said:

> >>>>> "Maurice.Diamantini" == Maurice DIAMANTINI <diam at ensta.fr> writes:
>     Maurice.Diamantini> Should be rename "pst-lens" and provide as a standard
>     Maurice.Diamantini> package for psTricks!!!
>   I do it... I am not sure that there are numberous fields where it can
> be really useful!, but at least it is a good demonstration of the power and
> flexibility of PSTricks (the core code is less than 10 lines...)


>   Interested people can test the package and report problems or missing
> features (if easy to add...) before I release it officially:
> http://www.tug.org/applications/PSTricks/Temporary/pst-lens.tar.gz

I've got it and compil it: Great work Denis!

It does work well. I think the main utility of this package
it not onjy for demonstration, but could be usefull for all
first page or slides presentation.

But I've just a remark:

1 - PDF problem with acroread

After compiling the doc, I convert it into pdf (as this
  format is often used for slides)
    ps2pdf --version
    Usage: ps2pdfwr [options...] (input.ps|-) [output.pdf|-]
    rpm -qif /usr/bin/ps2pdf
    Name        : ghostscript   Relocations: (not relocateable)
    Version     : 6.01          Vendor: Aladdin Enterprises
    Release     : 1             Build Date: sam 13 mai 2000 00:33:58 CEST

    ps2pdf pst-lens.ps pst-lens.pdf
    ls -al pst-lens.p*
    -rw-r--r--  ...  540723 Feb  7 06:54 pst-lens.pdf
    -rw-r--r--  ...  563130 Feb  7 06:48 pst-lens.ps

Then I can view it with "gv" but not with the last version of xpdf

    xpdf -v
    xpdf version 0.92
    Copyright 1996-2000 Derek B. Noonburg

    xpdf pst-lens.pdf
    Error: This document uses Type 3 fonts - some text \
        may not be correctly displayed

    I've not tried with acrobatreader. Can somebody verify
    if the following file is readable with acrobatreadder ??
2 - Another (minor) problem of handel position :

    In the doc bottom of page 5
    The big handel of the last lens seems not to be in the middle
    of the lens. 
    It seems it should be between the lens image and the shadow of 
    the lenz image... but with a bad sign!


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