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Denis Girou Denis.Girou at idris.fr
Fri Feb 16 19:34:23 CET 2001

>>>>> "Maurice.Diamantini" == Maurice DIAMANTINI <diam at ensta.fr> writes:
    Maurice.Diamantini> 2 - Another (minor) problem of handel position :

    Maurice.Diamantini> In the doc bottom of page 5
    Maurice.Diamantini> The big handel of the last lens seems not to be in the middle
    Maurice.Diamantini> of the lens. 
    Maurice.Diamantini> It seems it should be between the lens image and the shadow of 
    Maurice.Diamantini> the lenz image... but with a bad sign!

    D.G.>   I have not really understood this remark and still wait for more precise
    D.G.> elements and files.

    Maurice.Diamantini> Je vous envoi un tar.bzip2 du total (.log, .ps, ...) (qui
    Maurice.Diamantini> se decompresse dans un répertoire indépendant "try/" 

  Good point (and good eyes!) I missed the problem. I know that you saw it
with something like a magnification of 64 on this area, but even with it
I first didn't saw it myself without your precise comments. So, it was a
spurious blank which create this small misalignment. A % was missing on the

              (\PstLens at HandleWidth,-\PstLens at HandleHeight)}%

  Thanks for the report. I will do the correction for the version 1.0 that
I will send to CTAN next week (I corrected also some mistakes on my faulty
english reported by another person -thanks for them too).


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