[pstricks] [Programming] Lens

Denis Girou Denis.Girou at idris.fr
Tue Feb 6 20:28:49 CET 2001

>>>>> "Maurice.Diamantini" == Maurice DIAMANTINI <diam at ensta.fr> writes:

    Maurice.Diamantini> Should be rename "pst-lens" and provide as a standard
    Maurice.Diamantini> package for psTricks!!!

  I do it... I am not sure that there are numberous fields where it can
be really useful!, but at least it is a good demonstration of the power and
flexibility of PSTricks (the core code is less than 10 lines...)

  For people who looked at the version I showed at the beginning of January,
it also demonstrate the great improvement between a standard LaTeX macro
(even containing PSTricks code) and a PSTricks "object". So, we would forget
the first version that I will suppress after the release of this package...
(and note that I change one behavior: in the first version, it was a bad idea
to require that the reference point would be at the center of the objects.
I change this for the left bottom corner, as the usual PSTricks behavior).

  Interested people can test the package and report problems or missing
features (if easy to add...) before I release it officially:


  P.S. I will also release at the same time a new version of the `pst-poly'
distribution that I packaged some time ago: no new functionalities but
a standardized distribution in .ins + .dtx format (even if the package is
still a generic package which depend of LaTeX only for the documentation).

       Writting these packages, I specially take care to the coding style,
the coherency of internal names and conventions, the reusability of the
environments to show the examples (based on `fancyvrb' and that I already
used in the past), the pedagogical comments, etc. Of course, my wish is that
it can help other people to develop new specialized packages, offering a part
of reusable material and guided directions...


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