Predefined colors?

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Fri Sep 15 11:45:02 CEST 2000

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>>>>> "Denis.Bitouze" == Denis  <=?iso-8859-1?Q?Bitouz=E9?= <bitouze at>> writes:

    Denis.Bitouze> Nevertheless, a trouble seems to occur when using package `pstcol' and the environment `table'
    Denis.Bitouze> (everything is OK
    Denis.Bitouze> if I don't load the package `pstcol'):

    Denis.Bitouze> ! Extra }, or forgotten \endgroup.
    Denis.Bitouze> \color at endbox ->\color at endgroup \egroup

    Denis.Bitouze> l.13 \end{table}

  I don't reproduce your problem on a simple test, but there are perhaps
things you use that I do not guess.

  Anyway, *always* send a problem report with a full source test case, as much 
reduced as possible, and always join the resulting .log file (a large part of
the problems reports that I receive are due to old versions of some packages
used), and the .log file show the version number of each package.

  P.S. (which have nothing related with your problem):

    Denis.Bitouze>  \usepackage[dvips,usenames]{pstcol}
    Denis.Bitouze>  \usepackage{pst-grad,pst-text,pst-plot,pst-fill,pst-slpe}

    * I used the \usepackage[dvips,...]{...} syntax in my previous example for 
shortness, but this is never the good thing to do for "real" usage. For
portability of your source codes, never specify the driver used in the source
code. Do it in the color.cfg file in your installation (see the documentation
of the `color' package). This is the same thing for the `graphicx' one.
      So, only code "\usepackage[usenames]{pstcol}" (I am not absolutely sure
that all the drivers support this option, but anyway it will be better to do

    * `pst-grad' and the contribution `pst-slpe' are compatible, but it has
probably no real meaning to use both. `pst-slpe' can be seen has an extension
of `pst-grad' which supercede it.

    * Using \usepackage{pst-fill} load the original version of this package
written by Timothy. But it has a very limiting property for real usage, as the
starting point of the filling can't be controlled. If you need to control it,
you must load this package with the "tiling" option (see the documentation).


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