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Thu Jan 6 20:49:44 CET 2000

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>>>>> "Monson.Hayes" == mhh3  <mhh3 at> writes:

    Monson.Hayes> I would like to generate a "lollipop" plot as one often does in plotting
    Monson.Hayes> discrete-time signals.  These look like,

    Monson.Hayes>     OOO      O
    Monson.Hayes>  O |   |   |  O  |
    Monson.Hayes>   |   |   |   |   |   |
    Monson.Hayes> --------

    Monson.Hayes> What I would like to do is read in an array of numbers using  \dataplot,

    Monson.Hayes> and have it generate a plot like this.  Although \dataplot would
    Monson.Hayes> generate
    Monson.Hayes> the "circles" at the appropriate points, it does not generate the
    Monson.Hayes> vertical
    Monson.Hayes> lines connecting them to the x-axis.  I am wondering if anyone has
    Monson.Hayes> modified
    Monson.Hayes> pst-plot.tex to do this, or can tell me how to make the modifications.
    Monson.Hayes> I do not know the postscript language.  Thanks.

  To obtain plots like:

                      OOO   O
                   O  |||   |   O
                   |  |||   |   |

you must effectively define some internal TeX and PostScript macros,
as such result is not provided by existing functionalities. Here is
one way to do that:




% D.G. addition begin - Jan.  6, 2000

\let\beginplot at LineToXAxis\beginplot at line
\def\endplot at LineToXAxis{\psLineToXAxis at ii}
\let\beginqp at LineToXAxis\beginqp at line
\let\doqp at LineToXAxis\doqp at line
\let\endqp at LineToXAxis\endqp at line
\let\testqp at LineToXAxis\testqp at line

% Adapted from \psline at ii
\def\psLineToXAxis at ii{%
% D.G. modification begin - Jan.  6, 2000
%\addto at pscode{\pst at cp \psline at iii \tx at Line}%
\addto at pscode{\pst at cp \psline at iii \tx at LineToXAxis}%
% D.G. modification end
\end at OpenObj}

\def\tx at LineToXAxis{LineToXAxis }

% Adapted from Line
\pst at def{LineToXAxis}<{%
n 0 eq not
  { n 1 eq { 0 0 /n 2 def } if
    /n n 2 sub def
% D.G. modification begin - Jan.  6, 2000
%    n { Lineto } repeat
    CP 2 copy moveto pop 0 Lineto
    n { 2 copy moveto pop 0 Lineto } repeat
% D.G. modification end
    4 2 roll
% D.G. modification begin - Jan.  6, 2000
    2 copy moveto pop 0
% D.G. modification end
    pop pop } if}>

% D.G. addition end







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