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Wed Jan 5 10:45:50 CET 2000

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    Yatish.Bhatia>      I am Facing problems with PIE charts having different dim-x and
    Yatish.Bhatia>  dim-y..While Latexing i get the following Error Message.....
    Yatish.Bhatia>  ! Undefined control sequence.
    Yatish.Bhatia>  l.18         \psWedgeEllipse
    Yatish.Bhatia>  		[fillstyle=solid,fillcolor=color5](4,2){180}{228...
    Yatish.Bhatia>  ...
    Yatish.Bhatia>  Can Anyone pls Solve my Problem...or could pls tell Which Package is to be
    Yatish.Bhatia>  included......I am facing the same problem with psArcEllipseN also...
  In LaTeX, you must add the line:

\usepackage{pst-addc}      % My PSTricks extensions to draw wedges of ellipses

  The files pst-addc.sty and pst-addc.tex are in the PstChart distribution.

  P.S. Please, ask questions about PstChart personaly to me and not on the
list. PstChart is not officially distributed and doesn't interest most of
people here. Thanks.


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