[pdftex] Strange problems with graphics inclusion

RS w.m.l at gmx.net
Wed Jun 20 17:10:05 CEST 2007

On 20.06.2007 08:56, Ulrich Dirr wrote:
> All pdfs fail that have fonts (in fact it's HelveticaNeueLT-Roman,
> lowercase a-h and numbers 1-8) included. 

I can confirm the problem. On preflighting with Acrobat 7 I get an 
"Unknown error (unknown exception)". It seems to be related to font 

When I ran your test3.tex (unchanged), the resulting file was OK. Now, 
the difference between our setup is that I don't have HelveticaNeueLT, 
hence pdftex doesn't try to include it but only takes it from the image 
file. So here's a new minimal example:

--- the included file ----

--- the main file ---------
\pdfmapline{cmr10 CMR10 <cmr10.pfb}
% \pdfmapline{+cmss10 CMSS10 <cmss10.pfb}

This PDF file will be OK. However, if I acquaint pdftex with cmss by 
uncommenting the pdfmapline line, it will result in the same error again.

You could try to remove all map entries for HelveticaNeueLT. Of course, 
if you are using this font elsewhere in the document, you are out of luck.


But: The same test with a pdftex that includes all current patches from 
sarovar runs fine. So it seems the bug is resolved in the next version. 
(When will it be released, BTW?)

Best regards,


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