[pdftex] layer-based presentations

story at uakron.edu story at uakron.edu
Tue May 9 20:47:25 CEST 2006

I developed some tricky JavaScript function for navigating between layers. 
See demos of the AcroTeX Presentation Bundle at


On 8 May 2006 at 18:31, Moosmann, James wrote:

> PDF 1.5 spec says also, that such sub-page nagigation could be achieved 
> not only by clickable links but also via ,,user request'', such as 
> left/right arrow button.
> I've tried to get this effect according to (pure) documentation, without
> any results. Unfortunatelly, pdf spec doesn't serve any example for this
> particular issue. Does anybody have such an example? What i need is a 
> pdf document with layer-based navigation.
> Thanks, Pawel
> How do you do this?  
> I am trying to figure it out also.  In fullscreen mode, I want to be
> able to use the right and left arrows to uncover a layer.  I have layers
> working.
> Thanks!
> James
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