[pdftex] layer-based presentations

Moosmann, James james.moosmann at bankofamerica.com
Tue May 9 00:31:32 CEST 2006

PDF 1.5 spec says also, that such sub-page nagigation could be achieved 
not only by clickable links but also via ,,user request'', such as 
left/right arrow button.

I've tried to get this effect according to (pure) documentation, without

any results. Unfortunatelly, pdf spec doesn't serve any example for this

particular issue. Does anybody have such an example? What i need is a 
pdf document with layer-based navigation.

Thanks, Pawel
How do you do this?  
I am trying to figure it out also.  In fullscreen mode, I want to be
able to use the right and left arrows to uncover a layer.  I have layers

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