[pdftex] 14 base fonts are no longer available in Acrobat Reader 7?

Christoph Bier christoph.bier at web.de
Wed Dec 20 10:47:35 CET 2006

Thanh Han The schrieb am 20.12.2006 08:45:

> Hi,
> it seems that 14 base fonts are no longer 'builtin' with
> AR7. I am using linux version, AR 7.0.8 and when I open a
> pdf containing Times-Roman (without the font embedded),
> indeed the font is rendered using Adobe Serif MM. The
> metrics however seem to be known to the reader, so
> alignment of characters is still correct.
> I looked into the Resource folder of AR, and indeed there
> are not Times and Helvetica (Courirer is still there, plus
> MinionPro and MyriadPro).
> Can someone please confirm this? Is it the same with all
> version of AR?

Yes. Since version 7 AR isn't shipped anymore with the 14 base fonts
but with MinionPro, MyriadPro and Courier (and the name was changed
from Acrobat Reader to Adobe Reader).

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