[pdftex] 1.40-rc3

Martin Schröder martin at oneiros.de
Wed Dec 20 16:52:05 CET 2006


We are getting nearer...

pdfTeX 3.141592-1.40.0-rc3 was released on 2006-12-20
- changes from rc2:
  - map file handling:
   - in usual cases the behaviour is the same like in previous version. So if a
     font file is given with '<' or '<<', things should work without problems.
   - changes in odd cases:
     - no font file --> no font descriptor
     - font file given but not included --> will be treated like font file
       missing + a warning
   - minimize the distinction between standard fonts and other type1 fonts: the
     *only* place this makes a difference is that if a font file is missing
     (and the font is used), a warning will be generated for normal fonts but
     not for standard fonts

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