[pdftex] Re: multiple embedded pdf figures

Hilko Meyer hilko.meyer at gmx.de
Mon Nov 28 15:55:36 CET 2005

Robin Fairbairns wrote:
>hans writes:
>> best update to pdftex > 1.30 and gs > 8.50 and see what happens then
>gs > 7.07 (the latest gpl version) isn't afaik readily available to a
>linux user who doesn't have the skills to rebuild from an afpl source.
>simlarly pdftex > 1.21a, until texlive hits our doorsteps.
>the ghostscript situation, in particular, depresses me.  (though
>admittedly the latest gs 8.53 is _only_ available as source, since the
>windows build has been put on the site with no public access, 8.51 is
>available to windows people at really rather little cost of effort.)

It ist available at the Sourcforge-page:


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