[pdftex] missing symbols etc.

l walmala walmala at freemail.hu
Fri Nov 25 22:07:19 CET 2005

Hi Everybody,

I have written my documents in tex not for a long time, I
should convert the tex files, which contain mathematical
formulas and pictures (eps graphs), to pdf. I have used
pdftex, however some mathematical formulas such as \sum and
\int cant seem in the pdf. I have found some tex example on
the web with \sum and \int, which seem to work, but  they
dont on your own.  And there are some problem with the eps
files, I have tried to convert them into pdf with epstopdf
before including, but the pdf qualitiy are very bad (dotted
lines etc). This graphs are made by gnuplot, I am planning
to export them as tex, latex or pstex, that may be better..
I need help to solve these problems! I have pdftex, latex,
ps2pdf, dvips, epstopdf.
Thanks in advance:

l walmala.

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