[pdftex] Play a sound at page change

Alexander Grahn A.Grahn at fz-rossendorf.de
Mon Oct 25 11:03:21 CEST 2004

On Mon, Oct 25, 2004 at 09:47:33AM +0200, Hans Hagen wrote:
>with using such features you should be aware of the fact that there are 
>differences between acrobat versions ...

Yes, it's true, `movie15' supports acrobat reader 6 only. But it's
the current version, available for windows and mac, which are, to my
knowledge, the only readers/platforms where multimedia features work

Acrobat 6 itself still uses the old way of embedding sounds (PDF-spec
<=1.4), although the new multimedia framework of PDF-spec 1.5 supports
embedding of both movie and sound files. `movie15' applies the new spec
to sounds and it seems to work well.

Even if you embed more than one media file into the same page using option
`autoplay', they will all be played simultaneously. (I tested this with
movie files.) This was not possible with the old specification.

One very regrettable bug I encountered is that mouse events (mouse
enter/exit/up/down) in connexion with screen annotations are ignored
although they shouldn't (if I understood well the PDF spec). I reported
this to Adobe, but I dont't know if they will ever change this.


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