[pdftex] Box Drawing Glyphs

Dave McVittie dave.mcvittie at btopenworld.com
Wed Oct 27 15:01:28 CEST 2004

Is it possible in pdflatex to display the glyphs from the attached codepage
in a pdf? Using the ucs package they display OK if I go latex->dvi, but not
when I go pdflatex to pdf some of the codes I'm interested in are:

Code 2550 = \unichar{"2550}\\
Code 2551 = \unichar{"2551}\\
Code 2554 = \unichar{"2554}\\
Code 2557 = \unichar{"2557}\\
Code 255D = \unichar{"255D}\\
Code 2566 = \unichar{"2566}\\
Code 2569 = \unichar{"2569}\\

Which are in uni-37.def.

This is to replace IBM437 box drawing codes from text files I need to pdf.

Any clues?


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