[pdftex] char protrusion at par start

Alexandru Scorpan ascorpan at math.ufl.edu
Sat Oct 2 19:03:24 CEST 2004

>>> I am using pdfcprot, and after somebody on this list commented that
>>> the first character doesn't get protruded, I suddenly see it all the
>>> time and it became a real sore sight.  Knowledge is pain.

I forgot to mention why this became such a sore sight:
I am using parindent=0pt.  And it sucks.

In the mean time, here's a hack I came up with:
Since I am essentially illiterate in true TeX, and I am just copying, 
guessing, and experimenting,  I am sure there must be better ways to 
use the \lpcode's...

One clear problem is that this setting is completely oblivious to font 
sizes.  Thus, where is the current font size stored, so that I could 
use it to scale my hack?

-- Alex

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