[pdftex] char protrusion at par start

Hartmut Henkel hartmut_henkel at gmx.de
Sat Oct 2 15:05:04 CEST 2004

On Sat, 2 Oct 2004, Hans Hagen wrote:

> Alexandru Scorpan wrote:
> > Is there any way to enable margin kerning / character protruding on
> > the very first letter of each paragraph?
> >
> > I am using pdfcprot, and after somebody on this list commented that
> > the first character doesn't get protruded, I suddenly see it all the
> > time and it became a real sore sight.  Knowledge is pain.
> protruding does not work in combination with kerns, skips, boxes etc;
> and a paragraphs starts with a non character

Seems one can get rid of this initial thing by \noindent, e. g. in the
following example the W is protruded into the left margin. Don't know
how to do this directly through pdfcprot.

\lpcode\font`\W=200 % silly example
\input tufte % We thrive in information...

Regards, Hartmut

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