[pdftex] Character protruding error by font expasion

Nagy Bence tipogral at freemail.hu
Tue Mar 9 11:55:57 CET 2004

Dear Ulrich,

> Then when looking at your document it's, e.g., not true that 1010
> doesn't prodrude (look at p.1 line 1) -- if I assume that grailrn is
> Minion. And why are you thinking that \pdffontexpand 30 uses Minion+25
> -- you don't explain this, and your document can't offer any
> explanation to this???

Grailrn is the name of this Minion-variant, I call it Minion, it was
modified for the hungarian typesetting, but I dislike its name.

The logfile (generated with \loggingall) shows all information about
boxes, kernings, fonts...

..\kern0.0 (right margin)    <- Why 0.0pt?
..\glue(\rightskip) 0.0
.\penalty 100

> You don't supply a minimal TeX file with which I could reproduce what
> you think is an error. And of course it should at least contain as
> much text to test all font variations.

Bad (or good) news, that I cannot send a minimal example. After killing
all of my macros and my output routine the problem is no more, exactly I
don't understand why (but the minimal example would be about 1MB
gzipped archive)? I think I should rewrite some macro to avoid this

Thanks for your help!



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