[pdftex] Character protruding error by font expasion

Nagy Bence tipogral at freemail.hu
Wed Mar 10 11:48:18 CET 2004

> > You don't supply a minimal TeX file with which I could reproduce
> > what you think is an error. And of course it should at least contain
> > as much text to test all font variations.
> Bad (or good) news, that I cannot send a minimal example. After
> killing all of my macros and my output routine the problem is no more,
> exactly I don't understand why (but the minimal example would be about
> 1MB gzipped archive)? I think I should rewrite some macro to avoid
> this error.

I prepared a minimal example with this critical error in character
protruding, it can be downloaded from the
http://www.freeweb.hu/gimb/files/mgtest.tar.gz location.


1. Extract the archive and go into the mgtest/ directory.

2. Run the following (be sure that ConTeXt is installed, it contains a
good base for a minimal plainTeX-based formats)

	pdfetex -ini "*test.ini"

3. Try the example with

	pdfetex -efmt test mgtest.tex

4. Search the line ended with "alkalma-" (9th line bottom), there is no
more hanging hyphen.


1. The tfm-files are big, they contain a lot of kerning information.

2. If somebody gets a correct result, please, let me see! Or if anybody
has an idee, please, let me know!



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