[pdftex] Could not open char translation file `cp8bit.tcx' (pdfetex 1.11a-2.1)

Gerolf pdftex at GDBrettschneider.de
Tue Jun 29 00:58:51 CEST 2004


in section 5.7, the MikTeX 2.0 manual says:

"TCX files are searched for along the TCXPath path. INITEX ignores TCX 

So I've defined a $TCXPath environment variable and created a 
corresponding folder and copied 'cp8bit.tcx' into it.

Having installed the pdfetex 1.11a-2.1 binary for linux-i386 (and string 
pool) from TeXlive, I get a

"warning: Could not open char translation file `cp8bit.tcx'."

during *initex* run.

In the same installation, this did not happen with pdfetex 1.10b-2.1, 
and it does not happen with the

pdfetex 1.11a-2.1 static Win32 binary from TeXlive.

What's wrong? And which command do I have to add to 'texmf.cnf' to 
disable character translation?


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