[pdftex] How to change the bibliography / the way to cite

hambdidam at web.de hambdidam at web.de
Mon Jun 28 20:35:56 CEST 2004

Hi usergroup,

I have a question about the bibliography.

I want to recieve a bibliography following style:

1    Mister, Bill (1900) .....
2    Miss, C. (1834) .....

And cites in the text like this:

blablabla (Mister 1990) blabla... fgdgfdfgdfgdfgfd. 

Bibtex is running:)

I am using pdftex and


 and I replaced the [] to () for the cites in the text with:

OK. Now I have in the text:

blablabla (1) blabla... fgdgfdfgdfgdfgfd. 

But I want to receive:

blablabla (Mister 1990) blabla... fgdgfdfgdfgdfgfd


For the bibliography I still have

[1]    Mister, Bill (1900) .....
[2]    Miss, C. (1834) .....

How can I change to:

1    Mister, Bill (1900) .....
2    Miss, C. (1834) .....

Thanks for any assistance!


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