[pdftex] Re: problems w/pdflatex and hyperref in the book class

franciszek holop fred at pentacom.sk
Tue Nov 18 11:47:21 CET 2003

> \usepackage[magyar,english]{babel}
> \newcommand*{\SelectMagyar}{%
>  \hyphenrules{magyar}%
>  \languageshorthands{magyar}%
>  \captionsmagyar
>  \datemagyar
> }
> \AtBeginDocument{\SelectMagyar}
> So instead of \selectlanguage{magyar} choose \SelectMagyar. As the 
> Hungarian style is very different from the standard classes you might want 
> to have a look at some of the configurable document classes such as memoir 
> or the ones in the koma-script bundle.

this sure looks scary to a not so advanced latex user like me.. ;)
but i will test it, and i just downloaded memoir, i will take a look at it.

is this a problem a patch could solve?  could you shed some more
light on this?  maybe i could understand.. ;)

in the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

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