[pdftex] hyperref bookmark again

Kester Clegg kester at cs.york.ac.uk
Sun Jun 1 17:13:37 CEST 2003

"jitkomut" <nungu at control.ee.eng.chula.ac.th> writes:

> 1. can i convert myfile.pdf with the feature like booklet,
> double-sided paper etc.?  like the command "pstops", is there any
> command like that?  actually, i want to print many LaTex's manual in
> booklet form and my driver printer doesn't support that feature.

You can use the contex tool:

texexec --pdfarrange --paper=a5a4 --print=up

I put it in a little script to send a laser printer called pp12 thus:

#	a5pdfBooklet
#	Take a pdf file, run it through texexec and produce an a5 booklet which
#	is then sent to the printer (pp12).  
#	Usage:
#		a5pdfBooklet YourPDFfileWithoutSuffix
texexec --pdfarrange --paper=a5a4 --print=up  $1 && lp -D -d pp12 texexec.pdf && rm texexec.*

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