[pdftex] font expansion

Guy Worthington guyw at multiline.com.au
Sun Jun 1 17:13:37 CEST 2003

After putting executable scripts mktextfm, mktextfm.ext, mktfm8z, and
mktfm8z from  ftp://ftp.cstug.cz/pub/tex/local/cstug/thanh/pdftex/ext
into my /usr/local/bin directory, I added the line

\pdffontexpand\font 20 20 5 1000  %cmr10

to a TeX file and processed it with pdfetex (3.14159-0.14f).

Although I didn't see the dramatic improvements demonstrated in the
'pseudo hz' online document at http://www.pragma-ade.com/pdftex.htm,
the printed page does look "greyer".  One negative side effect of the
font expansion, is that some combinations of letters, e.g. 'es', 'ss',
and 'se', look poor when the font shrinks, while other combinations
e.g. 'od', 'om', and 'ob' look poor when the font expands. 

I was hoping to lay my hands on an efcode file minimizes the side effect
of font expansion.

While I'm exploiting the generosity of this NG, if there is a tool
which can analyse a pdf file and tell me where glyphs have stretched.

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