[pdftex] How to change Producer value?

ruu at pacbell.net ruu at pacbell.net
Sat Feb 15 12:25:54 CET 2003


How do I change the 'Producer' property for a PDF file created 
with PDFLaTeX, which I am using as part of the Miktek 
installation for Windows? I get 'MiKTeX pdfTeX 1.10a' even 
though I have specified something different. Here is the LaTeX 
source file I am using: 


/Author (John) 
/CreationDate (D:20030206130000) 
/ModDate (02/06/2003 15:01) 
/Creator (John) 
/Producer (newvalue) 
/Title (Document title here) 
/Subject (Subject goes here) 
/Keywords (Keywords go here) 


Hello World 



I would expect 'newvalue' to show up under Producer when I 
look at the PDF properties in Acrobat Reader, but I always get 
MiKTeX pdfTeX 1.10a instead. 
I posted on the Miktek SourceForge forum, but they said this 
is a PDFTeX issue, not a Miktek issue.  To me, it seems that 
both Miktek and PDFTeX are involved, since both names 
show up in the Producer field.


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