[pdftex] Equivalent function of hyperref's "\pdfmark" for pdftex ?

Uli Tuerk tuerk at phonetik.uni-muenchen.de
Fri Feb 14 12:48:43 CET 2003

Hi all!

I'm setting up a foil style based on foiltex and hyperref and I wanted to
include movies and sounds. So far it works well when using normal
tex/latex. All commands for doing the multimedia links are based on the
\pdfmark command of hyperrefs which makes things easy (because one doesn't
have to set up explicitly the area, where the link is active).
As I understand the \pdfannot command is the equivalent for doing
these things with pdftex. Unfortunately I must specify the location of of
the link area.
An example:

		pdfmark=/ANN,Subtype=/Movie,Movie=<< /F (movie_file.avi) >>,
		Activation=<< /ShowControls true /Mode /Normal >>}


	\pdfannot  width 10cm height 0cm depth 5cm {
		/Subtype /Movie
		/Movie << /F (movie_file.avi) >>
		/Activation << /ShowControls true /Mode /Normal >>}

Especially the depth dimension is annoying because I have to know the
aspect ratio of my movie/preview_file, to get the link on the right place.

How could I obtain the required dimensions for the pdfannot? Put all
contents in a savebox, get the dimensions, and use them as parameters for
the dimensions?

Uli Tuerk

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